Richard D. Thornton and Marc T. Thompson

"Magnetically Based Ride Quality Control for an Electrodynamic Maglev Suspension"

Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Magnetic Suspension Technology
NASA Conference Publication, 1997


ElectroDynamic Suspensions are highly undamped and require some form of active control or a secondary suspension to achieve adequate ride quality. This paper reports on efforts to develop a version of EDS that uses controllable magnetic forces to eliminate the need for any secondary suspension. The magnetic forces act directly on the guideway and avoid the need to have unsprung weight and a secondary suspension. It is shown that the energy required to effect this control can be less than 1% of the energy stored in the suspension magnets, so a modest size controller can be used. The same controller can also provide lift at very low speeds and thereby eliminate the need for a separate low speed suspension system.

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